Digital Customer Experience for Telecom

Communications companies are experiencing challenging times to keep operating costs low. They strive to increase customer share, enhance customer retention and raise revenues with new service expansion. To overcome these challenges, telecommunication companies are investing in CRM strategies and software. CRM software systems assist telecommunications operators in managing and controlling customer turnover. CRM solutions for the telecommunications industry provide telecom companies with competitive ability by supplying the tools to identify and withhold profitable customers.

Industry Force – we help Telecom/ Communication companies to transform their customer experience with solutions develoed in Salesforce Platform.

Digital CX solutions encourage to win over profitable customers

Customer master database and its 360 degree view allows rendering data exchange productive due to the explicit customer profiles that provide all needed data including facts and figures concerning interactions via e-mails, call centers, web chat , mobile apps etc. Total unification with billing, order, service and financial management systems allows to gather information and arrange inquiries competently and fast. Furthermore, it is easily accomplished due to its incredibly simple usability.

Our Digital BSS Reference Solution in Salesforce Platform enables service providers to rapidly monetize customer engagements with a modern customer buying, order delivery and personalized usage experience. IndustyForce’s CX for Communications is a communications industry-specific solution built on the Salesforce Customer Engagement platform  and Digital BSS extends them with order management and billing & revenue management capabilities.

Our Customer Care solution in Salesforce Cloud platform helps to solve service issues by bringing about trouble tickets, reviewing, singling out, and escalating problems. The system assists in mitigating issues and closing trouble tickets. It also makes billing information easy to access and transform. It allows to observe customer histories, check out invoices and account balances

Our Customer Data Analytics features give a window into every aspect of customer-related strategies – so it is precisely clear what works and why. Out-of-the-box functionality allows to identify and target most profitable customer groups, gauge satisfaction and loyalty, track and predict retention and churn.

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