Automotive CRM

Unified solution for automobile sales, distribution and Service management

The automobile industry has its set of unique challenges and requirements. From constantly changing demands to dented supply chains, it’s one of the most aggressive and fast paced industries in the world. In automobile sales, effective distribution can be achieved only with the right planning, assembly, shipping and delivering the goods that customers want, when they want them. Without a strong business software, this is impossible to achieve.

For automotive sales, users not only require a DMS solution that can help in identifying the distribution needs, but also aids in executing peak performance by optimizing workflows and putting all resources to proper usage. IndustryForce’s CRM solution in Salesforce platform provide the automotive industry with requirement-specific solution that can be customized to fit any organization’s unique needs.


IndustryForce’s Automotive CRM is developed to provide following functionalities

Marketing Campaign Planning , Design, Execution and Response Management
Lead and Opportunity Management
Test Drive & Booking Management
Corporate Sales process

The service management is based on Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities and extended to include functionalities specific to Automotive Industry. This includes

Customer Interaction Management in Call Center, Social Media Web Chat & Email
Service Scheduling , Appointment Booking
Service Center repairs & Spare parts management
Inventory movement

IndustryForce Automotive CRM provides a single view of customer which includes

Customer 360 degree views with vehicle details, insurance and servicing details
Vehicle Ownership changes
Unique Customer ID and Household ID Management

Customer Data Analytics provides following functionalities

Customer Segmentation
Customer Retention – Service, Insurance etc
Customer Lifetime value